D199 (known as 199 in the Railway Series) was a rude russian Diesel engine. He and D7101 (Bear) were sent to the Island of Sodor for a trial. D199 soon made himself an enemy of the steam engines when he claimed that "steam engines spoil our image", and was swiftly quieted by 7101 and Duck.

The next day, 199 ironically failed and had to be helped home by Henry. He was soon sent home in disgrace.


  • D199's rear cab has a headcode reading "D778593".
  • Even though he is rude, he is shown with a smile. This also happens with the ERTL and Wooden Railway versions of him.
  • D199 has a Bo-Bo wheel arrangement in his Take-Along and Take-n-Play model.


  • Normal
  • Take-n-Play

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