Duke, named after the Duke of Sodor and originally The Duke, is known to be considered a hero amongst all the engines of Sodor, especially Sir Handel and Peter Sam because all 3 narrow gauge engines used to work on the same railway known as the Mid-Sodor Railway, before it was shut down when Peter Sam was called Stuart and Sir Handel was called Falcon. When this happened Peter Sam and Sir Handel went to the Skarloey Railway but poor Duke was left behind until he was discovered in the old shed covered in Arlesdale sheets by three people named Fergus Duncan, the Reverend Teddy Boston & Wilbert Awdry in 1969 and then taken to the Skarloey Railway by road where Peter Sam and Sir Handel where reunited with their Granpuff and the Mid-Sodor Railway was restored. He is the only tender narrow gauge engine on sodor.


  • Take-Along
  • Take-n-Play


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