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Stepney, named after a district in London, is a tank engine.


Stepney was stranded on a siding in a scrapyard on the the Other Railway when Rusty found him and convinced him to travel with him to the the Blubell railway.

Stepney then visited Sodor to have a change from his line and again to help Toby and Mavis to help at the quarry. This excursion nearly ended in disaster after Iron 'Arry & Iron Bert tried to scrap Stepney, luckily without success, after Stepney accidentally ventured into the scrapyards. Stepney later visited for unknown reasons in one episode, apparently to help Duck again, and was later helped by Edward with the running of a new loop line. Durnig a later visit, he was hit by a truck of sugar in an incident caused by Rosie.


Stepney is an honest, kind and hard-working engine, who loves to work on his branchline. Stepney listens to advice all the time and always learns a lesson.


  • Normal (Discontinued)


  • Stepney is one of four engines that are shown in the television series based off of a real version of themselves, others being Stephen, Stafford, & Flying Scotsman.

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